Help for a Kayak Beginner?

I would like to start kayaking. I mostly would like to kayak on still lakes and down slow moving rivers. I live in michigan so the weather is always changing.
What is a good beginners kayak I would like to spend under $500 if that’s possible. Is sit on the best bet or sit in. i’m 5’3 125lbs. So something I could easily move not too heavy and I dont want an inflatable. No whitewater for now, just take in scenic views and fishing. I would be kayaking by myself , i don’t want to join a club, is kayaking by yourself not recommended?

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  1. mtwaites Post author

    If you’re someone who is new to kayaking, it is not a very good idea to kayak on your own. You might want to find a buddy or someone who is interested in kayaking so that you have a partner. There are a lot of things that could go wrong with a beginner kayaker such as rapids, currents, unexpected wind, unexpected marshes, and weeds that get stuck with your paddles and unexpected roll overs in the kayak.

    If you’re kayaking alone, and are just beginning with this sport, it would be a little bit persumptious to say that you would be able to handle everything that comes up. And even the most experienced kayaker should not be kayaking alone either. It is the same as things like hiking, boating with other boats, and many other things in the wilderness, it is just not safe to be out alone.

    It would be a good idea to attend a leisure class that are in the parks and rec guides or in the leisure guides available through your local area and go on a few classes before doing this sport. There is something called a dunk test or a wet exit, where you will have to turn yourself over in the kayak, and then you will need to know how to escape from the boat. They will also be able to show you the necessary strokes, how to utilize the spray skirt so that you don’t get soaked, and also with basic issues that might arise.

    I went kayaking when I was up at camp, and I was like ummm. I am not sure whether I want to do this, but a counsellor persuaded me to do it, and it was the best thing that I ever did. I loved kayaking, and would love to give it a try again at some point. But when up at camp, there was a counsellor that was with a small group of us that was able to show the different strokes, and the different things to know about a kayak.

    As for kayaks and what would be good for a beginner, try and look for those inflatable ones which might be within your price range. A lot of the really good kayaks will be over 500$. Go to your local outdoor recreation store, and have them suggest some different types of kayaks that would be suggested for people who are just starting out.

    Good luck, and I know that you will have fun!:)

  2. Scott H Post author

    Hi with the type of Kayaking your planning, and your size You can get the basic Kayak, A 10-12 ft. poly boat from a sport shop, get a good paddle to go with it, and by all means PFD. Have you considered a used boat? Look on, there are always boats in your area for sale. They buddy system is always preferable but, IT’s always better on the water than on the bank wishing. I’d rather be on the water than waiting on someone else to show or make time, lot’s go it alone.

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