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Help for a Kayak Beginner?

I would like to start kayaking. I mostly would like to kayak on still lakes and down slow moving rivers. I live in michigan so the weather is always changing.
What is a good beginners kayak I would like to spend under $500 if that’s possible. Is sit on the best bet or sit in. i’m 5’3 125lbs. So something I could easily move not too heavy and I dont want an inflatable. No whitewater for now, just take in scenic views and fishing. I would be kayaking by myself , i don’t want to join a club, is kayaking by yourself not recommended?

Any advice on whether kayaking or canoeing is easiest for paddling beginners who are over 60 years old?

Man and wife who love the outdoors, not looking for the excitement of whitewater and not for fishing. Mainly looking to canoe/kayak creeks, lakes, large ponds where wind and weather may have an effect. We have canoed and do enjoy it, but never kayaked. We want safety and ease. Possible overnight trips.

I am interested in buying a kayak, but I am not sure what kind will be the best for me, got any ideas?

I live by the ocean and bays in New Jersey. I would like to fish off of the kayak, as well as ride waves if I want. I would also like to take a trip down the Delaware River and face the small whitewater. I am not sure what the best kayak would be seeing that I would like to do all these things. Any suggestions?