help selecting a fishing kayak?

i’m going to use it in a relatively calm lake for fishing purposes only. the one i’ve been thinking about getting is this the main reason i would get this one is because of its low cost. any suggestions as to why this is a good or bad kayak for fishing in? any other suggestions that are in or close to the same price range as this one? any advice on the matter will be much appreciated.

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  1. cv3 Post author

    i fish off of a kayak in both fresh water and salt water. i used to fish off a malibu kayak, but now all i use is my hobby!

  2. enufofthisshit Post author

    not much else in that price range.
    l don’t think l would use it in much more than a small pond. l couldn’t use that one anyway. l’d have to lose over 100 pounds to fit in it. then l probably wouldn’t have room for gear. if you’re less than 175lb, you may get some use from it.
    l might suggest going back to dick’s and seeing what they have to offer in float tubes. that is my favorite way of chasing bass.

    look for a better, used kayak. a decent kayak designed for fishing, new, will start at 500 dollars going up to over a thousand. a decent used ‘yak can be found in your price range.

  3. Playaboy Post author

    hobby craft are the best fishing kayaks on the market. I have 1 and it is very stable and easy to steer. The foot peddles allow you to hold and cast your rod while you are moving through the water. No need to put your rod down and paddle.

  4. alimac Post author

    That’s not a bad little kayak. I bought one in that price range a few years back and it held up quite well all things considered. A few things I noticed was that the tracking wasn’t great, meaning it took more effort to keep it going straight and the seat was uncomfortable. You could always add more cushioning in yours for the seat but I did notice that there is not much room for gear in the one you are looking at. This may be an issue depending on how much fishing gear you plan to bring with you.

    One other one I would suggest is the Sea Eagle 330 or 370. This is an inflatable kayak (not sure if that interests you) that I bought last year that I really love. It sets up in 5 minutes, is super easy to transport and paddles quite well. It comes with two seats but one of them can be removed which leaves a fair amount of room for gear. It is in the same price range.

    Here is some more info if you are interested. Good luck with your decision.

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