How safe are these fishing boats?

Ok, here are my questions:

How safe are fly fishing pontoons and kayaks?
Which is safer?

What are the best brands?

What would you recemend?

I will be fishing in lakes and very slow moving streams.

2 thoughts on “How safe are these fishing boats?

  1. Fisher_King Post author

    In my opinion, the pontoons are slightly more comfortable to fish out of than a kayak, BUT, a well-made pontoon is harder to transport than a kayak; a pontoon really needs calm water to function properly, and a pontoon is harder to paddle than a kayak.

    Pontoons are great for small ponds and VERY (very) slow moving creeks/rivers. Pontoons are also very “wet” and could only be used in Northern waters, (unless you like being mighty “close” to aquatic critters such as Mr. Gator, Mr. Snake, & Mr. Snappin’ Turtle….lol).

    Bottom line?- You can use a Kayak in more “watersport situations” than a fly-fishing pontoon and if I could only own 1, I would choose
    a kayak.

    Hope this helps? Good luck.

  2. joed Post author

    Pontoons are more stable than kayaks. They’re both as safe as you are. Wear a PFD to be certain. The best pontoons are Dave Scadden and NRS.

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