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How safe are these fishing boats?

Ok, here are my questions:

How safe are fly fishing pontoons and kayaks?
Which is safer?

What are the best brands?

What would you recemend?

I will be fishing in lakes and very slow moving streams.

Kayak fishing the Great lakes?

Looking for info on this subject. I will be fishing the southern point of lake michigan, N.W Indiana. I am looking forward to the Skamania Summer run. Was looking for any other key timeframes to target other fish. How far out? What Depth? What Bait? Any certain bottom structure that fish are attracted?

Good fishing kayak suggestions?

I live in southern Ontario and would like to know where to go to buy a fishing kayak and some suggestions. I’ll be fishing freshwater lakes and rivers only. I usually target bass, walleye or pike. Price range is about $500-$700.
Thanks Ole Fisherman, looks like a great boat. What are the fins underneath? Is it motorized and would i have to register it or something? I’m only 16