how to kayak fish???????

i dont know if i should buy a kayak i want to go fishing for trout bass catfish and maybe stripers but i want to know when your fishing for trout (trolling) where do you put the fishing pole and then where do you keep the fish if i put them on a stringer won’t they try to pull the kayak and then i wont be able to paddle and troll also i am not using a electric kayak because i dont want to register it

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  1. Chimp Dancer Post author

    I used to have a kayak…it was stolen from my back yard recently. That sucks, now I have to save up for a new one. Anyways, before buying a Kayak, you really and I mean really have to consider what you’re getting into. Do the research, stay away from the cheap end models and you really have to practice a lot for re-entering a yak when you fall over….it will happen, it’s just a matter of time. It’s not like you buy a yak, jump in an go fishing. You have your size, weight, gear weight and weight of the fish you expect to bring back to consider. There’s a lot of variables but once you figure out what works best for you and your type of fishing, the easier it will be. Check out You tube, pay special attention to the yaks being used. Do a Google, learn all you can about the types of yaks out there. Look for product reviews, personal experiences and yak clubs in your area. Don’t just go out and buy whatever and expect it to be good for you or figure you’ll learn to deal with it, that’s the biggest mistake you can make. I had my yak for a little over 6 months and it took me 2 weeks just to perfect my re-entry ( bad knee and had to figure another way), rig it so that it was balanced, learned to twist and turn my body so that I wouldn’t fall out, fight a fish ( yes, they will drag you and the yak around) and land the fish without falling off. For some it’s easy and for some it’s hard. Practice makes perfect. I’ll even start you off with this site: ~good luck catchin’

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