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Shore fishing for catfish in Kentucky in a very muddy water man made lake.?

I am thinking about going to Taylorsville lake this year near Louisville Kentucky in the summer time. I used to go with a Kayak and camp out in cove with a trot line loaded with chicken livers in which I had moderate success. But because the park rules say you cant camp out what should I do for shore fishing for catfish. It seams like it takes about 30 hooks of chicken livers to catch one large catfish in this lake over night. I dont want to set up a trot line in the day time because I think its illegal. Can you think of any effective ways to catch catfish in an all day trip from sunrise to sundown only using less than five poles off the banks on foot. I normally use chicken liver and like I said its not all the very effective and fairly expensive too. Im in college right now so I am on a budget. 500 bucks is the most I can spend on summer fishing gear.

how to kayak fish???????

i dont know if i should buy a kayak i want to go fishing for trout bass catfish and maybe stripers but i want to know when your fishing for trout (trolling) where do you put the fishing pole and then where do you keep the fish if i put them on a stringer won’t they try to pull the kayak and then i wont be able to paddle and troll also i am not using a electric kayak because i dont want to register it

is kayak fishing any fun???

how is kayak fishing fun i want to buy something for fishing i bank fish for trout bass and catfish sometimes stripers and carp is kayak fishing a lot better than bank fishing explain why i fish in a lake where there is bass trout and catfish i only caught catfish and trout there but the bass are somewhere where i cant throw my lure what should i do just buy a kayak or buy stuff for bank fishing leave a link on which kayak,lure bankfishing bait,or whatever just leave a link i usually have no luck catching trout i went to this lake about 30 times and only caught one trout there so i want to try something different?