I am taking a trip to Maine. Can I have some travel tips?

I need some good suggestions/links for:
Mountain biking
Deep sea fishing
Rock Climbing

I will be staying in the Rockland/Owls Head area.

3 thoughts on “I am taking a trip to Maine. Can I have some travel tips?

  1. Scene Stephanie Post author

    hmm….im not sure, but im going today to Old Orchard Beach for the week 🙂

  2. Deanna Post author

    First of all, do you actually own kayaks?
    Because if you do then you can go anywhere, on pretty much any lake. But if you don’t, renting is kind of expensive.

    Acadia is probably the best (and it IS only mediocre) the best place for outdoor rock climbing. It’s also the only. But that’s only what I’ve heard, I’ve never actually climbed there. And it is a bit of a drive.

    Biking? There are some trails check this site http://www.trails.com/toptrails.aspx?area=10042
    and there are always nice roads, paved or not. You’ll be able to find a place.

    And that is pretty much all I can help you with. I hope I DID help you. I don’t fish, though I know people that do. But when you’re up there, it probably won’t be that hard to find a place, as you’re near the ocean. Plenty of small town businesses to help you out.

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