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Does anyone know of a secluded cabin with waterfont of some kind within 4 hrs of Canton Ohio PLEASE HELP?

Okay I am looking for a secluded cabin, home ect on a body of water, lake, river, large pond for fishing, swimming and kayaking. I am looking for something within 4hr drive from canton

What are some great things to do in cocoa beach?

I am going to cocoa beach florida for my senior spring break. We want to have a few ideas to do some things some of the days. we are already planning on going kayaking. we aren’t interested in fishing or the space station. can anyone help??

I am taking a trip to Maine. Can I have some travel tips?

I need some good suggestions/links for:
Mountain biking
Deep sea fishing
Rock Climbing

I will be staying in the Rockland/Owls Head area.