I want a kayak that’s good on ponds/lakes with water that’s barely moving….what should I look for?

I don’t want to rule out heading out on rivers with 5 mile an hour current
but I’d mainly be on pretty calm water.

I don’t want to fish
and a one seater would be fine

what kinds of things should I be looking for in a kayak?

I’m very new to this.

Thanks a lot for any help

4 thoughts on “I want a kayak that’s good on ponds/lakes with water that’s barely moving….what should I look for?

  1. jacobwilliams300 Post author

    I have a 12 ft kayak that i mainly paddle the lakes with but i have taken it in the Red River a few times. You want one that tracks well in the water so you do not always have to paddle to keep you straight and one that wider in the cokpit area so it does not tip over easy. I fish out of mine alot, i know you do not want to fish but mine is extremely stable, a good relativley inexpensive brand kayak is Heratige. You can check out their website at heratigekayaks.com and look at the different models, and they rate them for you so all you have to do is click the model and off to the side it will show wether or not they are good for rivers, lakes, extended touring,tracking etc. etc. Old Towne makes a good kayak as well. Hope this helps.

  2. gremlingts Post author

    Sam I think is backwards, you want a wide one for stability, a narrow one for quick turning in rapids. I am also looking for something just to “paddle around” in, and also capable of doing fishing, etc. One I found online is called Nucanoe, another unique dual-hull type called Wavewalker, more like a combo kayak-catamaran, very stable. I like the Nucanoe’s ability to add another seat, also fishing, hunting, or scuba attachments, VERY versatile! The wavewalker can go over obstacles, not many kayaks or canoe’s can do THAT. Pretty impressive video of the Wavewalker on Youtube or their website.
    But for just sightseeing, I think you’ll want a wide canoe for stability, not a hydrodynamic slim hull for speed. Depends on what you want to do with it. Check out the Nucanoe and Wavewalker, and see what you think. There’s another cheap one, called Zydeco, that is cheap, $350, and wide. 9 foot, and 220 lb limit. I was checking that one out thru a window yesterday. Lots of choices! Goodluck…

    – The Gremlin Guy –

  3. doane_nut Post author

    We have 2 Pungo 120’s at our lake house. They are nice stable kayaks with many options available.

    The 100 may be even more what you are looking for.

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