I went fishing at the Florida keys for shark, with mullet as bait.(din’t catch shit)Why?

I just went fishing at the Florida keys, and I catch jacks, bluefish, grunts, cuberas and more. But my goal was to bring a shark home, I was fishing next to a bridge at the beach I used as bait a frozen mullet that i bought from a bait shop. I hooked the mullet with a wire and two hooks on. I throw it with out a weight and far as my rod can. I wait about an hour and a half, and nothing came. Please could you help me telling me what i did wrong or what i need to improve? But I think that if I get a kayak and i go farther, and throw my bait there I will get something.

8 thoughts on “I went fishing at the Florida keys for shark, with mullet as bait.(din’t catch shit)Why?

  1. Mr 3000 Post author

    sharks don’t care what kinda haircut you got man.. you need to throw out some chum to get the sharks smellni blood and active.

  2. ~Welcome Abigail Grace~ Post author

    Sharks are funny fish live bait on the bottom works best any size bait will but the more bigger the bait the more it move and attation it will get. But u will need to stop buy n bait that have been frozen. U will catch fish but nothing like live bait. get u a castnet or find some live bait and u will be winning

  3. Fyre Post author

    catch and use live mullet, a lot of public fishing areas tend to not want you throwing blood / chum into swimming areas and public recreation waters. however i have always had great luck w/ live bait ill show up w/ fresh shrimp throw it out on the bottom and catch small game fish bait those up and throw em back out on the bottom can work for smaller shark but if you use a balloon and fish 4 to 6 foot deep it can work w/o the use of chum. large shark lay on the bottom looking upward for prey like a catfish piers in the area of st augustine say no shark fishing but they can not complain if you catch shark only if you are throwing chum and bloody baits at em so try to temp em onto your line w/o blood and chum it can be done, i can go to the pier and catch shark all night long w/o chumming the water

  4. Chimp Dancer Post author

    You can’t just toss a bait in the water and expect to catch a shark. You have to call ’em in first. Here’s a tried and true method for chumming up sharks. What you need is about 3-4 barracudas around 3 pounds each.Start filleting them from the tail to the head but leave the fillet attached to the head. Do this to the other side as well. Remove the back bone. Now you have a butterflied barracuda. From here, attach a line to the ‘cuda and hang it over the bridge and into the water. Keep the head of the ‘cuda out of the water. Jig the line up and down every once in awhile to add more scent into the water. It’ll take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending if any sharks are in the area to come in. You can also use menhaden oil with chum you can buy locally. This stuff will call in everything. Some of the better baits to use would be barracuda fillets, blue fish, mackeral, large sardines…any oily fish would be fine. Once you call in the sharks with chum, you can use just about anything to catch them, even lures will work. ~good luck catchin’.

  5. Jerry Post author

    The Jackfish you have been catching are excellant shark bait and heads work best (of all fish) it usually takes much longer than 1 hour. Put BIG bait out use strong wire leaders and leave bait in water for 2 or 3 days without moving it.

  6. matt Post author

    As others have said your not going to attract sharks with frozen mullet by and large. You need something with some blood in it to get their attention.

    As far as going in the kayak thats a terrible idea. I fish in a 13ft tandem saltwater kayak and have hooked sharks before just 3-5 foot fish, and have never had a good experience even had one bang my hull and almost tipped the boat. Can you imagine trying to do a roll with a shark on the line? Straight nightmare.

    I have had good luck shark fishing using fresh cut bait and casting out into a channel. Caught a 6ft hammerhead down on the gulf.

  7. Matayeos Post author

    baits tend to lose scent when they are frozen and since your threw in the whole mullet it had even less scent next time get a fresh one and cut it into strips if you still dont catch any there are no sharks because whether they are hungry or not theyll hit naything bloody

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