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I went fishing at the Florida keys for shark, with mullet as bait.(din’t catch shit)Why?

I just went fishing at the Florida keys, and I catch jacks, bluefish, grunts, cuberas and more. But my goal was to bring a shark home, I was fishing next to a bridge at the beach I used as bait a frozen mullet that i bought from a bait shop. I hooked the mullet with a wire and two hooks on. I throw it with out a weight and far as my rod can. I wait about an hour and a half, and nothing came. Please could you help me telling me what i did wrong or what i need to improve? But I think that if I get a kayak and i go farther, and throw my bait there I will get something.

How can I protect myself from power boats when I’m in a kayak?

I frequently kayak in waterways filled with everything form large ships to small boats and jet skis. I know the obvious: kayak whistle, lights at night, avoid busy channels when possible, etc. What I’m wondering is, what is the best way to take aggressive defensive measures when I’m about to be mowed down by a mullet headed jackass with a beer coozy in one hand, fishing pole in the other and his knee on the helm of a motor boat, who is aimed right at me but isn’t looking or listening? How can I even the odds and create a visible, potentially destructive deterrent, so those idiots will avoid me?