Kayak fishing in Mazatlan, Mexico?

We are taking a cruise in May, and my boyfriend really wants to do some fishing, but all I can find online are deep sea fishing trips that cost around $400. We want to rent some kayaks and fishing gear and go out on our own…

2 thoughts on “Kayak fishing in Mazatlan, Mexico?

  1. Robofo02 Post author

    Yeah, i guess you should do that, but i’ve never seen Kayaks in the beach though…….
    In the new zone it’s cheaper even to rent a boat, better visit the new part of “La Marina” and do fishing there cause it will be cheaper and less crowded.

  2. A-man-123 Post author

    yes i have seen kayak on the beach for rent in front od costa de oro resort. i have seen them there for the past few years. as far as fishing equipment i don’t know. that resort is in the golden zone.

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