Kayak fishing on lakes?

I have an eleven foot recreational kayak and I was wondering how sturdy they actually are? I have heard that some kayaks are actually difficult to tip is this true? Also what accesories would I need, for example, do I need a hand bilge pump for fishing smaller lakes or is that just for ocean kayaking? Thanks any input would be great thanks.

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  1. Rusty Nail Post author

    If you have tried your kayak you should know how stable it is. Most kayaks are difficult to tip because the center of gravity with you sitting in it is below the surface of the water. I have a 14′ wood frame canvas/vinyl covered kayak made by (Foldboat).

    . It is almost 40 years old and still works fine. I have fished from it many times on inland lakes. Once on a holiday weekend I had the deck awash from passing power boats. Very safe.

    Go fishing and have a good time.

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