Kayak fishing the Great lakes?

Looking for info on this subject. I will be fishing the southern point of lake michigan, N.W Indiana. I am looking forward to the Skamania Summer run. Was looking for any other key timeframes to target other fish. How far out? What Depth? What Bait? Any certain bottom structure that fish are attracted?

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  1. stop_makin_cents Post author

    I currently live in MN and every year someone dies just kayaking in Lake Superior.

    I don’t know what the deal is with Lake MI. Be careful and wear a life jacket.

    Trolling the 1st “deep edge/dropoff” would probably be the way to go. Spoons, Jigs, & deep diving Rapala’s. Perhaps Berkley “Gulp” baitstrip?

    Remove-able rod holders are a must.

    I purchased an Old Town Kayak last year and have done frequent fishing trips in smaller lakes.

    “Wind” has always been an issue when I’ve fish with my “yak”. Make sure to have a “paddle tether”, Rod holder, and an area to stow & quickly get needle-nose pliers, stringer system, knife, Etc.

    Hope this helps? And be careful!

  2. Ric Hard Post author

    A member of a local fishing group lost his life this fall by kayak fishing the great lakes. He had been kayak fishing for near 30 years on big water. You never can properly prepare for what the great lakes will throw at you. I’m worried when I take the bass boat out there.

    So my advice is, don’t go out very far. Fish near rivermouths, 15 – 20 feet of water should do. Toss spoons and jerkbaits like Long A’s and Reef Runners. Jointed Rapalas are also good.

    Most importantly, stay within sight. You never know. I’m not trying to be a pain I just dont want to see anymore anglers lose their life to something preventable.

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