kayak lake fishing gear?

what is all the stuff you need for kayak fishing for medium sized fish like trout bass and striper

2 thoughts on “kayak lake fishing gear?

  1. Laura D Post author

    I use a small portable tacklebox, pliers, a knife, and you will probably want an anchor. You may want to consider a kayak crate to store your stuff in. (check youtube) I also take a few of my favorite baits in a small bag I can easily access.

  2. NYG Post author

    Of course you’ll need a kayak, a paddle & PFD (Personal Floatation Device). A rod & a reel.

    I have a collapsible cooler filled with plastic worms/brush hogs etc & all my hooks & weights. I also have another plastic box (not a full tackle box) but a lure box that contains all my topwater lures, Crankbaits, Jigs etc

    I also carry a water jug.

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