Reasonable fishing kayak?

I would like to buy a kayak for fishing. small lake fishing to be exact. im lookin somewere in the $200-$300 range. Any ideas for kayaks

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  1. buck's air and sea Post author

    Go to cabelas or go to their site now decide sit in or sit on. For beginners try the vapor models their light and cut through the water with ease.

  2. HTacianas_II Post author

    Most any brand of kayak is good, and there are kayaks especially made for fishing. I prefer the sit-on-top model for fishing but I mainly fish saltwater and like to get out and walk around on the flats. Go through some online catalogs like Bass Pro Shops or -as some mentioned above- Cabela’s and look for one you like. Then go on craigslist and look for a used one in good condition. You can save hundreds of dollars by buying a used kayak and it will work just as well as a new one. And oftentimes someone selling a used kayak will throw in paddles, life jackets, coolers, and all the trimmings for free, saving you even more money.

  3. Robert H Post author

    I would recommend you check your local site and get a used kayak. the reason I say that is because I think you are better off spending $300 on a used kayak a few years old that may have retailed for $800 new, instead of getting a cheaper model new. Once you use it 1 time it is now a used kayak too. A better model will be lighter, more comfortable, more options and have better resale value if you decide to sell and upgrade someday – also they may come with a good paddle as well. You do not nescessarily need a fishing kayak either as you can purchase rod holders and attach other accessories as needed to make it fishable with very minimal knowledge/effort.

  4. Danz Post author

    I just got a brand new kayak on for $300 and they shipped it for free. Forget craigslist! I have yet to find anything but junk or wackos on Craigslist!

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