Recmomend me a kayak?

Recomend me a fishing kayak. I’m a fairly big guy, 6’1″ around 300 pounds. Mostly fresh water, but may do some salt water in the gulf of mexico. Looking to spend less then $1,500.

4 thoughts on “Recmomend me a kayak?

  1. The Wormist Post author

    my personal choice is a “Cobra Fish n Dive”.
    fairly large myself.
    but it has a capacity of 600lb, 39″ wide and 13′ long.
    paddles well with all my gear and me. very stable with that width.
    it is a sit on top yak, sells for around 800 dollars.
    add a good high back seat, couple of rod holders and a depth finder. just glue the transducer inside the yak with silicon and it will be out of the way.
    a couple of hatches will be nice also.
    all this will be well within your budget.
    do NOT forget a leash for the paddle. you don’t want it drifting away while fighting a fish.
    l plan to get an electric trolling motor for mine this spring.


  2. Harry Banana Post author

    I’m 6′ 200lbs and I fish out of a Malibu Stealth 14. Love this kayak. Check out there website. You may like the X-Factor line.

  3. Grand Master Basser® Post author

    I’m pretty petite myself, five-foot-seven and two-hunnerd pounds.

    I’ve fished out of the kayak that The Wormist mentioned and it wasn’t bad. I still favor a float tube over a kayak though, I don’t trust ’em as far as I can throw ’em.

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