Saltwater fishing questions?

I have a few questions about saltwater fishing. I usually go out on partyboats down around the keys, but, I want to try fishing the flats (by kayak).

First, when fishing for redfish (using cut bait), do you add weight to the line or would you use a jighead with bait. What I mean is, do you use a sliding weight or tie the weight to the line, etc.

How exactly do you use a “popper”. My understanding is that you just jerk the line to make a popping noise. Is this correct? And how often do you pop it (every few feet or more)?

And I have heard of “walking the dog” with top water plugs. What exactly is that and how is that done? Is it a side to side motion caused by just moving the pole?

And last, for all of you experienced flats fisherman…what baits do you use to target sea trout, redfish, bonefish and permit. Thanks for all the help…I’ll need it.

And P.S. – If you don’t know the answer to my questions, please don’t B.S. it…I would really like to learn the right ways. TY

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  1. systemofanalias Post author

    For redfish with live or cut bait do a search for fishfinder rig. thats what you want to be using.

    With the popper jerk the rod, reel up slack and let it sit for a couple of seconds. repeat this while varying how long you let it sit.

    Walking the dog takes some practice. Some lures do it easier than others. It is done by twitching the rod tip lightly from side to side. The two I like best are the skitterwalk and shedog

    I’ve never fished for bonefish or permit but for specks and redfish I use soft plastics such as Norton sand eels and assassins or minnow shaped swim baits. Gulp shrimp work well also.

  2. justfish Post author

    Here’s a bit to help. Caught 2 reds this AM in Estero Bay (FL.). Used live shrimp. 1 on bottom with split shot as only weight and other under popping cork. I use live shrimp for everything. Alot of trout caught on shrimp under cork. Trout & reds also will take pin fish, as will snook. When fishing in the bay, there is little current, so I use as little weight as possible. 90% of the time I pinch on a split shot. Whenever possible, fish around the mangroves. Hope this helps.

  3. Brad Post author

    I can help with the redfish issue. I use a sliding weight. Depending on the current, about an ounce or two. Cut bait is always best. Try to find something bloody and oily like mullet. Pogies work too.

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