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What do you think about heritage redfish 12 angler kayaks?

I live in Sarasota Fl and I’m a beginner to kayaking. I have done some research and I think I like the redfish. I’m looking to take it in rivers and on calm days the gulf and bays to do some fishing. I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on the redfish that is similar to what I want to do.

Saltwater fishing questions?

I have a few questions about saltwater fishing. I usually go out on partyboats down around the keys, but, I want to try fishing the flats (by kayak).

First, when fishing for redfish (using cut bait), do you add weight to the line or would you use a jighead with bait. What I mean is, do you use a sliding weight or tie the weight to the line, etc.

How exactly do you use a “popper”. My understanding is that you just jerk the line to make a popping noise. Is this correct? And how often do you pop it (every few feet or more)?

And I have heard of “walking the dog” with top water plugs. What exactly is that and how is that done? Is it a side to side motion caused by just moving the pole?

And last, for all of you experienced flats fisherman…what baits do you use to target sea trout, redfish, bonefish and permit. Thanks for all the help…I’ll need it.

And P.S. – If you don’t know the answer to my questions, please don’t B.S. it…I would really like to learn the right ways. TY

Whats a reccomended kayak?

im looking for a kayak to mostly fish out of in freshwater and ocean. occasionally dive out of but mostly fish. im looking into the ocean kayak trident 11 or 13 and the heritage redfish angler 12. anyone have a good opinion on any one of these or another good one to check into. i want something big enough to haul all day fishing gear, maybe some dive gear, or hunting gear during season. but not too big where i cant handle hauling it by myself…..any input will help, thanks