Should I get a 10 foot or a 12 foot kayak?

I weigh 235 and I am 6’3″. I can’t fit in most kayaks I will use it on some slow floats in Missouri rivers. I will also use it for fishing. What are the pros and cons for both 10 foot and 12 foot kayaks. I have looked at 10 foot Ascend kayaks from Bass Pro Shop and 12 foot Dagger Axis from REI (It is a bit too pricey, but I love the cockpit). I wish I could find a new or used Dagger for cheaper.

2 thoughts on “Should I get a 10 foot or a 12 foot kayak?

  1. JimH Post author


    I have been considering a kayak as well … In my opinion you are better off with a longer kayak (12′)

    Also being somewhat older and on the heavier side, I am concerned about fit and stability therefore have been considering the Wavewalk W500 series:

    Good luck in your quest …

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