Should I let my 13 year old son kayak by himself?

I live in Florida and I just got my son a pelcan kayak 10ft sit in kayak for his birthdayand he’s had many experince with kayak and knows how to control and the sefty of the kayak. Should I let my child go to the canals and near mangroves to go fishing by himshelf?

13 thoughts on “Should I let my 13 year old son kayak by himself?

  1. -Hindu Times- Post author

    Dude why are you asking yahoo answers?

    You’re a father and you should decide!


  2. Uniwhiz*Star Post author

    I believe it’s wonderful to make your son to learn how to row the kayak!
    Kids should do things like that often.
    if he have the experience to ride it, go for it.

    Come to think of it, I wish I could row a kayak in the rivers.

  3. frank Post author

    YES! i loved fishing on my own when i was 13, i did it every weekend just give him a PFD and he’ll be fine…

  4. Bobo Post author

    Make him wear a life jacket and tell himm to keep an eye out for the gaters and the snakes.

  5. kavekarst Post author

    I personally wouldn’t take my kayak into Florida canals or mangroves.
    Fatherhood isn’t a poll at Yahoo Answers. Look for it elsewhere.

  6. unmamfqlm Post author

    Definitely. I’d somewhat restrict him as to where he can go and what not but let him go, he’ll really enjoy it. Just of course use common sense with life jackets and safety things for him but at 13 he’s plenty old to get out there and enjoy himself in my opinion. I used to love fishing at that age with friends and family but getting out there by myself seemed to give me a lot more enjoyment and appreciation for the outdoors.

  7. Stefan Post author

    let him go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but if he has a phone or something thathe can contact u its safer ^.^

  8. Hazel H Post author

    You must feel that he is capable and ready, or you would not have bought him the kayak in the first place.
    Yes, you have prepared him as well as possible–now, let him go, and do you proud.
    Encouraging words, “Happy birthday, son, go bring home our dinner,” will give him the confidence he needs, knowing you believe in him and trust him.

    Good going, Dad.

  9. Tony Post author

    if it were my kid i would go with him but i would let venture off a little on his own until i was sure he could handle it

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