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Should I let my 13 year old son kayak by himself?

I live in Florida and I just got my son a pelcan kayak 10ft sit in kayak for his birthdayand he’s had many experince with kayak and knows how to control and the sefty of the kayak. Should I let my child go to the canals and near mangroves to go fishing by himshelf?

do i need a freshwater fishing license in florida?

i want to go out to a lake and go fishing in my kayak. i live in florida and its obviously freshwater. if im going to catch and release do i need a fishing license? i know i need one if i keep the fish but i just want to catch and release. do i need a fishing license or not?

Paradise Coast, Florida – Kayak Fishing

Florida’s Paradise Coast is home to the Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands, offering some of the best fishing in the world. Experience nonstop angling excitement on the area’s pristine waters and beautiful beaches.