Spring Break vacation in cape coral or daytona beach florida?

What are some fun things to do in either place? My family is trying to decide whether to go to Daytona beach or Cape Coral and for anyone whos ever been to either. Which one is better for things like kayaking, finding shells on the beach, natural beauty, fishing, beaches etc.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break vacation in cape coral or daytona beach florida?

  1. Tiki Varmint Post author

    For the things you’re looking for, I would choose the Cape Coral / Fort Myers Beach. It’s a well-rounded area with almost everything a normal vacationer would seek, without the craziness. If you just want to party and puke, go to Daytona.

  2. James Smith Post author

    I’d choose Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach has plenty of natural beauty both on the beach side, and the river side. Lots of kayaking, boating, fishing and other water activities go on for your family to enjoy. Also, the weather is normally better in Daytona Beach.

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