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Spring Break vacation in cape coral or daytona beach florida?

What are some fun things to do in either place? My family is trying to decide whether to go to Daytona beach or Cape Coral and for anyone whos ever been to either. Which one is better for things like kayaking, finding shells on the beach, natural beauty, fishing, beaches etc.


Help selecting fishing kayak and ergonomic paddle for 5’5″ female?

I have carpel tunnel in hands and low back issues, am 5′ 5″ 140 lb. female looking to buy a fishing kayak. Stability and comfortable seat are important. 1) Trying to decide on a malibu stealth or wilderness system tarpon 12 or 14′ kayak. 2) Also need to know how long and type of paddle. I would like the paddle to break down and be able to feather or not.
Thank you for your assistance.