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Florida Fishing gear for my mom, where can I find what she needs?

Ok, mom goes to Bokeelia Florida, (Pine Island area) and takes a kayak out and goes fishing.. she loves it.. talks about certain lures etc etc… and I have NO knowledge of any of this. Christmas time is just around the corner so am wondering if I were to come up with a gift pack, what good lures would she need? Any neat products or tools she could use while in a kayak… she often talkes about the types of fish she catches, but I can only remember something about a snook.. LOL Please help! I’m looking for something special either lures, products, helpful tools, or even an online store where I could get a gift certificate so she could buy what she needs when shes down south. Please help! Christmas isnt that far away! Oh.. things to know.. she ONLY fishes in Florida, from a kayak and sometimes with friends in a boat… but mostly in a kayak…

Paradise Coast, Florida – Kayak Fishing

Florida’s Paradise Coast is home to the Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands, offering some of the best fishing in the world. Experience nonstop angling excitement on the area’s pristine waters and beautiful beaches.