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Extrasport Sturgeon Kayak Fishing Type III PFD

  • Extrasport’s exclusive RetroGlide fit system provides a truly custom fit
  • Four-Pocket fishing vest configuration with two able to fold out to form workstations keeps tackle close at hand
  • Mesh lower back, sides, and shoulders for heat management
  • Neoprene-covered adjustable waist belt for a comfortable secure fit
  • Hypalon shoulder attachment points

Product Description
Take Extrasport’s popular Breakwater PFD and add a top-notch fishing vest and you’ve got the Extrasport Sturgeon PFD. Ideal for on/off-shore anglers! Extrasport’s groundbreaking, patented RetroGlide system for a secure fit and truly customized comfort along with mesh sides and a mesh lower back for a cooler day on the water. The sleek design offers conveniently placed fishing vest amenities: four pockets, gear attachments, and more. Two of the pockets even fold out flat to create a convenient flat workstation. Add standard Extrasport features such as a neoprene-cover adjustable waist belt, 3M Scotchlite Reflective shoulders, hypalon shoulder accessory attachment points, and Gaia environmentally friendly non-PVC foam for the perfect big-game kayak fishing PFD. Technical Specs: Type: III, Design Floatation: 16 lbs., 6 oz., Sizes: XS(32-35), S/M(37-42), L/XL(43-48), XXL(50-56), Fabric: 240 denier rip-stop nylon.

Extrasport Sturgeon Kayak Fishing Type III PFD

Ocean Kayaks

Ocean Kayaks are another brand that I am particularly fond of, and a lot of other anglers around the parts that I fish tend to fall in love with them as well. There are two classics that are going to be around forever that I see people using all the time, as well as one of the newer Ocean Kayak models that they just released. This boat is bound to change the way kayaks hit the water, as well as the amount of people that kayaking is available too. No longer will shoulder injuries and other painful irritations keep people out of the water. Let’s talk about the classics first.

The Ocean Kayaks Prowler 13 has got to be one of their best selling models. I see more anglers using this boat every weekend than practically every other manufacturer of fishing kayak, hands down. You can spot these banana boats from a mile away.


At 13 feet long though, it is still slim enough to be an extremely quick kayak, which is probably the reason it sells so well. You don’t have to worry too much about the swamp booty on this boat, the scuppers are arranged nicely to keep it from happening.

Kayak Fishing Edge – Ocean Kayaks – Prowler 13

One of Ocean Kayaks bigger boats, the Big Game 13, has to be another kayak that I see a lot of anglers using. This one looks wide enough to stand up in, as well as carry the kitchen sink. I haven’t personally seen anyone slinging flies from one of the Big Game’s yet, but I am pretty sure it has happened already.. there are some pretty graceful kayak fishermen out there! There is a massive amount of storage on this boat, so if you are one of those anglers that likes to take everything with you, you might want to consider adding an Ocean Kayaks Big Game to your plastic fleet.

Alright, this last boat blew my mind when I had first seen it. I have tried putting trolling motors onto kayaks before with successful results, but Ocean Kayak outdid themselves with this one. The Ocean Kayaks Torque has a Minn Kota trolling motor built into the stern, that can be removed and replaced with a drop down skeg setup. These skegs are perfect for rocky areas where rudders would get busted off, but the hype is in the motor. From my tests, I didn’t receive very much speed from the trolling motors. A respectable 4mph or so, which is nice, but I was expecting power boat speeds.. I’m a guy.

Kayak Fishing Edge - Ocean Kayaks - Torque

Kayak Fishing Edge - Ocean Kayaks - Prowler Big Game

From what I have seen with this one, they have remodeled the motor and moved the head with a dial for controls up to the center of the boat. The steering is controlled by a rudder, which means you really only get forward and reverse if the rudder is busted. I have tried using paddles to steer a motorized kayak, and trust me, it is not something that you want to experience. We’ll see in the next coming fishing seasons how these kayaks hold up, but one thing is for sure, you are going to see a lot more of Ocean Kayaks Prowler 13 and Big Game!