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How do i make a trolling board?

I am looking to make a small wooden trolling board for use behind my kayak for mackerel and bass, i cant remember how to make one! I remember you put weights on the front so it sinks and when a fish bites it comes to the surface, does anyone know how i can make one?

What is a good lure/bait configuration when trolling in the Gulf of Mexico fishing from a kayak?

I’ve been looking all over but can’t find guidance on it. I’d like a diagram, but if none are available, an explanation of what the rig/lure should look like would be great.

What is the best way to set up a trolling motor on a fishing kayak?

I want to put a trolling motor on my kayak to make it pretty much hands free. Where u he eat place to put it? If there is any way to neatly put a foot controlled trolling motor on it, that woul be even better?