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Anyone know of a vacation spot in Ny that provides?

horseback riding,pool,fishing,kayaking and other outdoor recreation.

Which is a better vacation spot: Tulsa, Oklahoma, or Wichita, Kansas?

My group is made up of retirees, but don’t think that means we aren’t looking for nightlife. We also are looking for a place with some nearby outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and maybe kayaking. (Not sure what’s around there.) Finally we would like to try a great Caribbean restaurant.

Looking for a new best fishing spot in Rhode Island?

I am an avid fisherman and am looking for a new spot. I have some great ones already but am looking for something hard to reach. I always catch and release and will leave the area better than it was when I got there. I would be willing to give up a spot myself for the best answer. I dont mind hiking into the woods or having to kayak there, actually prefer it. just looking for a different spot. Sick of catching the same fish. Maybe you know a spot nobody goes to or really hard to get to, or in your Grandmothers woods behind the hose? Open to all suggestions.