What do you think about heritage redfish 12 angler kayaks?

I live in Sarasota Fl and I’m a beginner to kayaking. I have done some research and I think I like the redfish. I’m looking to take it in rivers and on calm days the gulf and bays to do some fishing. I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on the redfish that is similar to what I want to do.

5 thoughts on “What do you think about heritage redfish 12 angler kayaks?

  1. The QUEEN B I T C H Post author

    I prefer my dad’s or brother’s Cobra Fish ‘N’ Dive.

  2. The Wormist Post author

    that’s a good looking ‘yak, but l like my own “fish ‘n’ dive” by Cobra.
    it’s more stable in rougher water, being 6″ wider. and has a 600lb capacity rather than the 350lb of the redfish 12.

  3. gimmenamenow Post author

    The only problem I have with mine is that I don’t get it out on the water nearly as often as I’d like… but of course I didn’t do a lot of comparisons test-riding wise… My aunt and uncle both have Heritage’s 10 foot model, I just wanted something a little larger for my own use, and it’s done good for me so far (don’t have it rigged out quite like I want it, but it’ll get there… just got my flush-mount rod holders behind the seat… wanna get a swivel for up front)

    She’s only be out in the Indian River Lagoon so far, but one day I’ll take her out to the beach here on the Atlantic side and see how she does… or out to the port…

  4. Maggie Post author

    The Heritage Redfish 12 was specifically designed for fishermen by fishermen. The sit-on-top style works very well for both fresh and saltwater fishing. The Redfish 12 is a good all-around size. It holds more gear than the Redfish 10, but is smaller than the Redfish 14 for easier handling.

    All of the Redfish line have recessed rod holders and stable platforms to instill confidence while fishing.

    One of my favorite websites for checking out the various features and specs of these kayaks is http://flyfishinganglersandoutfitters.com

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