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What do you think about heritage redfish 12 angler kayaks?

I live in Sarasota Fl and I’m a beginner to kayaking. I have done some research and I think I like the redfish. I’m looking to take it in rivers and on calm days the gulf and bays to do some fishing. I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on the redfish that is similar to what I want to do.

choosing a kayak ;?

which kayak would be better

malibu stealth 14

wilderness tarpon 160 Angler
i will trolling, fly fishing, and casting in the chesapeake bay, back bays on the alantic ocean and freshwater fishing
also what are the pros/cons of each yak

what is the better Kayak?

I am looking for a new kayak for fishing in fresh & salt water. I have it between 2 models; the Wilderness systems Tarpon 120 angler and the Ocean Prowler 13 angler. Any advice??? I can’t seem to make the decision. Really would like to hear what you don’t like about each of these as well as that may be the determining factor. I will be buying the new 2010 model either way..

If you think I should consider a different kayak brand I am open to suggestions but have looked at a lot of different ones before getting to these 2.