What is your dream fishing boat?

Whether it’s a bass boat, a deep-v-hulled boat, a kayak, a conoe, a rubber boat, a Zodiak-lookin’ boat, a skiff, a saltwater flats boat, a trawler, a commercial sportfishing boat, a cabin cruiser, anything. What’s your absolute dream boat?

6 thoughts on “What is your dream fishing boat?

  1. Grand Master BasserĀ® Post author

    A float tube. Complete with the fixin’s of a bass boat. Or a kayak.

    Actually, my dream boat is a bass boat. One that I would LOVE to build myself or have custom built for me. It would be a double-console built on either a Triton, Skeeter, or Ranger hull powered by a three-point-eight-liter, two hundred-thirty-three-cubic inch, five hundred-horse power horizontally-opposed, twin-turbo-charged Porche six-cylinder inboard engine with jet drive. That would mean no hulking outboard to get in the way of casting. The rear deck would be absolutely flat other than the air dams to allow the engine to breathe. Being jet-driven, it could go in literally inches of water. It would be between twenty-five and thirty-feet long (definitely not a regulation bass-tournament boat), have a sixty-five-gallon fuel tank, four-twelve-volt Optima marine batteries to power everything, two storage compartments long enough for one-piece rods eight-and-a-half-feet long, four to six storage compartments for tackle boxes or tackle bags, two to four big live wells with one-thousand gallon-per-hour aeration, two livebait wells with five-hundred gallon-per-hour aeration, three-man Corinthian-leather seat with more storage compartments under it, dash-mounted digital read out depth sonar and air/water temperature, dash-mounted top-of-the-line Humminbird or Lowrance side-imaging depth/fish finder, in-dash speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, oil temp. gauge, top of the line wireless eighty to one hundred-pound thrust MinnKota or MotorGuide trolling motor with built-in top-of-the-line Humminbird or Lowrance depth/fish finder, (optinal) bow/stern three to five-foot high collapsible platform to stand on while sight fishing, fore and aft-mounted Corinthian leather swivel seats, along with so many other things…


    You did say DREAM boat…

  2. The Wormist Post author

    right now, l can’t be too picky.
    something that will keep my feet dry.

  3. BOBBER Post author

    An 18 foot lund with a tiller and all the storage and bells and whistles. I have a 16 ft lund with a tiller. Witch is fine for me and the wife. It has swivel seats and live wells and rod lockers and some storage, But it is lind of like love and money, You can’t have to much.

  4. Ivan G Post author

    the new bay boat by yellow fin with two consoles one on the deck and one about three feet above it i get jittery just thinking about it

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