What kind of kayak should i get? Sit-on-top or Sit-in?

I am a beginner. will do some fishing and a few day trips(1-2 hours) and just for fun at lake and beach and river
please just give reasons for why i should get a sit in or sit on top. i will be getting a kayak just which kind. thank you

4 thoughts on “What kind of kayak should i get? Sit-on-top or Sit-in?

  1. borninthebeforetime Post author

    a canoe is better for fishing as it is an open design which you can put your stuff into. A kayak really doesnt work well for fishing.

  2. Michael Post author

    A kayak is more of a mode of transportation kind of in the same vein as a mountain bike. They are fun and great for fun paddles or light camping but you can’t really fish from one.

    As a recommendation, I prefer sit-in kayaks. They are longer, faster and a little less stable but they are the only way to go. They sit-on boats are only good for rank beginners, but if you are buying a kayak, you’ll outgrow this n00b boat in about two outings.

    Check the links below for some related info…

  3. g_steed Post author

    Eskimos used the kayak for fishing. It was sit-in. Chances are they used hand lines instead of poles and reels. Another source suggests a canoe for fishing, I concur. DIY learning is time consuming…find a school or class and buy a few lessons. The sit on top kayaks are water toys. Yes, you can have fun but they may not satisfy your want for fishing.

  4. Scott H Post author

    I suggest you go to a boat store and demo a few that you like and see what fits you best! I have fished from both and like my sit-in, But I like to travel a lot. I enjoy tripping better, some on my more dedicated fishing friends prefer sit-on-tops, easier to get into and out of. More storage to get to and some are designed just for this(fishing). I am a Canoeing instructor and prefer the kayak, it’s more individualized! GET a SOT

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