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What Should I do to make my lower back and butt comfortable on my sit-on-top Kayak.?

I’m a kayak fisherman with an sit-on-top Emotion fisherman kayak. I have a cheap seat and I have tried a $100.00 seat before which I took back. While I fish my lower back gets sore I’m sure a more expensive seat will make my butt comfortable but my back needs support, maybe its the way I sit but I usually shove something behind my lower back to act like a lumbar in a car seat for relief. I’m 6’0 tall 215 lbs thick athletic build. All the seats I look at don’t seem to have any kind of lower back support. I usually quit fishing because my back gets so tired so any kind of advice would help. Thanks for your answers.

What kind of kayak should i get? Sit-on-top or Sit-in?

I am a beginner. will do some fishing and a few day trips(1-2 hours) and just for fun at lake and beach and river
please just give reasons for why i should get a sit in or sit on top. i will be getting a kayak just which kind. thank you

Sit-On-Top Kayaks: Standard or Fishing?

My wife and I are shopping for sit on top kayaks to use on the weekends. The primary purpose is to paddle flat water lakes and rivers, but we both like to angle (fish) and could possible do some angling from the kayaks as well. However, the angling kayaks are significantly more expensive. Is it any more difficult to use a standard sit on top kayak to fish from than from a angling kayak? If so, elaborate on the difficulties please.