What to expect moving to Aracaju, Brazil?

I am a recent graduate at WVU and will be moving to Aracaju for my job. I’m really excitted b/c I’ve heard nothing but great things about Brazil. I would like some useful feed back about the city and what to expect. I’m still young and looking for fun activities such as: hiking, fishing, camping, biking, kayaking, all water sports, beer, nightlife, etc. I also love to travel.

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  1. ocean.denis Post author

    I think overall you will like it, it´s not big, so don´t expect a modern nightlife, but it´s Brazil, so lots of parties and things like that, weather is good, etc.
    You seem like an open minded person, so I´d say its alright.
    As far as I know, the only people who dislike moving to Brazil, after they do, are the ones who come with a preconceived idea of monkeys in the streets, snakes around lightpoles etc.
    Try researching using google.com.BR
    usualy it gives you more narrow answers
    http://www.aracaju.com has some info
    its the oficial site for the mayors office.
    is a good tourist site.

    I think it has some disadvantages compared to the much bigger and cosmopolitan Rio and Sao Paulo, but crime is a lot better.
    Hope you enjoy
    need more info let me know

  2. J. Post author

    Well aracaju isnt a huge citie, but it has its charms… Its only about 3 hours from Salvador (capital of bahia). I have friends there and know a bit about the city. There is a beautiful beach thats about 1 hour south of the city, its called “Mangue Seco” yahoo image it!… its in the border of sergipe and bahia, you can only get there by boat, i can send you more specific information, or if you whish more info while you are there you are welcome to email me at latentemaroc@yahoo.fr
    there are 2 shopping malls in town, violence isnt really big in aracaju, people are friendly but like most of the northeast of brasil they arent the quickest…taxis are increadebly cheap since they all use natural gas, for example from the airport to downtown it shouldnt cost more than 7 US dollars. i have lived there my self for almost a year
    email if u need more info,,, good luck!

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