What’s better a trip to Florida to see a Space Shuttle Launch and a visit to Disneyworld?

Or a trip to Maine to go sea kayaking ,fishing and a hiking trip to the mountains to hike and birdwatching.

8 thoughts on “What’s better a trip to Florida to see a Space Shuttle Launch and a visit to Disneyworld?

  1. Indiana Jones Post author

    really you can’t determine which one is more fun?!

  2. Pree Post author

    I would go for the more adventerous trip..but only if there’s really nice hotel around there
    disneyworld and space shuttle launch sounds boring….it sounds like something you would go during school trip

  3. AliDawn Wants to Lick Nic Post author

    If you have the opportunity to see a space shuttle launch I would probably take it and go to Disney World as well. Maine will always have the sea and fish and trails and mountains, but shuttle launches don’t happen every day…

  4. hollow chocolate prius Post author

    Disney World is passive where the experience is supplied but the other vacation requires effort to obtain an experience.The vacation in Maine requires skill like fishing.

    Disney planners are just selecting the order of experience that is limited to what is offered.It is like the Monty Python skit where the menu is mostly spam.

    At Disney I rarely see people play tennis because that requires skill and effort.Miniature golf is popular because skill and effort is kept to a bare minimum.

    Disney is really rationing not excess.Walt wanted people back to work after their day off.The rides circle back to where they begin to let you know the fun is over.

  5. flautumn_redhead Post author

    The shuttle has only a few more launches before the program ends, so I would see the Space Shuttle launch. Now depending upon the length of your vacation … close to Cape Canaveral is the Merritt Island Bird Sanctuary where you can see all kinds of birds. We have surfing, wind surfing . kayaking, fishing and you can hike anywhere you want. You can also visit Disney World if you can tear yourself away from the nature/outdoors stuff. The only thing we do not have is mountains.

  6. ajsmommy Post author

    That totally depends on what your interests are. What would you rather do? For me, I would choose Disney because I love it and because I’m not adept at hiking and don’t really enjoy fishing, but many people feel differently than I do.

    Seeing a shuttle launch is an awesome thing, but just remember that sometimes launches are scrubbed at the last minute, so if you choose Florida just for the shuttle be prepared to have your plans changed while you are here.

  7. lovelsu2007 Post author

    You are comparing apples to oranges here. One is all about being in nature…the other is not. Also, DisneyLAND is in California…DisneyWORLD is in Orlando. (smile) Space shuttles are nice, but, they are over in a matter of minutes AND there is no guarantee it will launch on time. One shuttle was just put off due to weather. It rains almost every day in Florida during the summer. Usually between 3 & 5pm. So, pack your rain gear in your vehicle. Either vacation sounds like fun. You are fortunate you are in a position to have a vacation this year.

  8. Jennica Post author

    A kayaking trip is the best and here’s why I think so, and I’ve done both:

    Disneyworld while fun is extremely commercialized, its a little sickening in that respect. Also, it doesn’t feel like a good vacation because too many people and its hurry hurry and you do come home exhausted from it, like visual overload. Also, its not exactly all its cracked up to be, I mean its cool, but….

    Kayaking is relaxing reconnects you with nature and there’s nothing like a relaxing vacation. Maybe I’m being partial here but I Love kayaking its unlike anything else. Also, I really dislike schedules and vacations that are to planned out don’t feel right to me. In Disney your vacation is pretty scheduled even though we didn’t plan what order we’d hit the parks or anything, and that felt a little restrictive to me. So while I had fun in Orlando, its not something I will repeat anytime soon, believe me.

    That being said I’d like to ask people not to hate me for not being a devoted Disney fan, I’m just stating my perspective on things and the fact that Disney while enjoyable for all isn’t the ultimate vacation for all.

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