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I am 6’3″ and 235. What Kayak should I get?

My friends will get the cheapest kayak some where like Dick’s Sporting goods. ($200-$300). I am willing to spend a bit more (around $500). We will mostly be on lakes (Fishing) and a float trip every once in a while (slow Missouri rivers).

I want to be comfortable and safe. I want to keep up with my friends who are all under 200lbs, so hopefully it handles well. I sat in one at Bass Pro that seemed nice. It is the Ascend FS10.

Any opinion would be appreciated. I am new to this.
You guys have got me thinking. What Canoe would you recommend. We like to each have our own boat, so what Canoe will be easy for one person to handle, but can hold two if needed from time to time.

I am still leaning towards a Kayak though. Does anyone have an opinion on the model I mentioned?

Thank you to all.

surf fishing trip to outer banks?

So me and some friends are thinking of taking a surf fishing trip to the outer banks area. It would be all guys and we would camp. Probably at the Oregon inlet campground or Ocracoke Island campground. We plan on around three days of fishing mainly from the beach but maybe fishing around some docks and mb from kayaks (i dont know how easily kayaks will be able to rent to take out into the ocean to fish on will be). Does anyone have any tips suggestions etc.? We plan on taking this sometime in July or August so hows the fishing?

What’s better a trip to Florida to see a Space Shuttle Launch and a visit to Disneyworld?

Or a trip to Maine to go sea kayaking ,fishing and a hiking trip to the mountains to hike and birdwatching.