whats do you think is Better for me a canoe or a kayak?

note: I want something light portable and i can fish in i also want a to be able to travel in i like both but not too sure what i should get if you can give me a push in the right way. i am a out doors person so i might have to cary it with more gear when camping.

4 thoughts on “whats do you think is Better for me a canoe or a kayak?

  1. charles g Post author

    That depends on what you are looking to get out of the boat. For the most part canoes are roomy and more stable while kayaks are faster and provide a more visceral experience on the water. If I were you I would look into a hybrid or a sit on top kayak. They will provide you with a stable platform to fish off of and are more easily transported than a canoe, but you will have to sacrifice some stowage room.

  2. Kalinina Fan Post author

    I love canoeing. You can get a reasonably priced canoe, and they are not all that difficult to carry.

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