Where do I put redfish that I catch on a kayak if I wan to bring them home?

I want to buy a kayak and I am looking at the pelican castaway 116. I wan to know where I can put the redfish if I want to eat them. People have suggested stringers but I think redfish will be too strong and big to put on a stringer. I also have the issue of alligators, shark, and alligator gar eating my fish. Any suggestions?

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  1. James W Post author

    I will use pictures and websites to answer your question.

    Picture of king salmons on a kayak:

    A site showing California yellowtail tuna on stringers.

    Picture of California white seabass on kayaks.

    There are sharks in SoCal waters so here’s a pic of a shark ON a kayak:

    And I think you might be interested to see these pictures:


  2. Fisher_King Post author

    A stringer system is really your only choice if you have no room on your ‘Yak.

    (Where legal), you could also fillet the fish “on the spot” and store in a super-small cooler inside freezer-proof plastic baggy’s…….The Pelican 116 has a large “stern storage platform” where you might be able to stick a small cooler??……(and nothing else).

    Otherwise, if your not comfortable with those options, you need to rethink purchasing a Kayak.

    Canoes have much more available space and can easily have a cooler installed……….

    James GREAT pics and links!!

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