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Can someone give me advise on purchasing a Kayak?

New to kayaking. Im looking for a tandem kayak that is affordable, I will be using it for mostly fishing. I am just having trouble finding a used and/or affordable one. I cant see myself spending over $700 on basically a hull… I have looked at the pelican elite but i havent seen any reviews on the elite series and its not really made for fishing. I also am not that worried about tracking I paddled 7 miles on a $100 inflatable and Im sure anything is better than an inflatable,not to mention hook resistant. And what is better sit on top or sit in? Thanks…..

Where do I put redfish that I catch on a kayak if I wan to bring them home?

I want to buy a kayak and I am looking at the pelican castaway 116. I wan to know where I can put the redfish if I want to eat them. People have suggested stringers but I think redfish will be too strong and big to put on a stringer. I also have the issue of alligators, shark, and alligator gar eating my fish. Any suggestions?

Need Help With Bass Fishing Kayak?

I wanted to buy a kayak for mainly lake/reservoir fishing. I would like to keep it in the 700-800 price range. Was looking at pelican castaway 130 but heard mixed reviews.