Where do you put the fish you catch when Kayak fishing?

I want to buy a kayak for fishing the Louisiana marsh. Where do I put the redfish I catch so that I can bring them home? The kayak I am looking at doesn’t have a livewell.

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  1. eric Post author

    is this kayak an open leg kayak? if not then shove the fish down there…if so get a fish stringer and tie it off to your kayak….good luck and happy fishing!

  2. joed Post author

    Back in the water, unharmed, so they can live to be caught again by your fellow angler.

    “The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn’t someone else’s gift to you?” Lee Wulff

  3. alex Post author

    I went fishing in a remote area of the Gulf and I had the same problem. I fixed my problem by having my friend help me build on a extension out of wood, rope and some scrap metal. With a tool I drilled a hole and attached a plastic tube thatcled to a plastic area made from my old aquarium. It worked as a livewell. Complicated but still dames me money off of a regular livewell kayak

  4. howie Post author

    I seen a kayaker bungie strap a milk crate on the back of his and he had poles and box in it, seemed to work for him.

  5. FishSteelhead Post author

    Seein’ how your takin’ them home for the dinner table ~ like others have mentioned a stringer would be your best bet. Have givin’ you some links for a’ couple. These, (not like metal ones), are made of material where one can hang it over the side of the vessel to eliminate any noise them fisheee’s might create. As for transportin’ them home, a simple Styrofoam ice chest will do ya’. Hope this helps out…;)
    < * { {{ > < This one has a small stake to stick in the ground when out of your Kayak, bank fishin': http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/product/standard-item.jsp?id=0002683014348a&navCount=1&podId=0002683&parentId=cat410005&masterpathid=&navAction=jump&cmCat=MainCatcat20166-cat410005&catalogCode=2UG&rid=&parentType=index&indexId=cat410005&hasJS=true

    “Lindy Stringer” (personally preferred type):

    Ice Chest ~ picked this one at random (goin’ to depend on how big them Redfish are?):

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