Which Hawaiian island is more suited for sports?

Im planning a graduation vacation for my friend, me, and our two dads. We really like sports such as mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and beaches that have big waves. Idealy we want to rent a beach house so choosing the right island would help alot.

5 thoughts on “Which Hawaiian island is more suited for sports?

  1. soccerref Post author

    You’ll have the most opportunities to do such activities on one of the bigger islands (read more populated) so I would suggest you stick to Oahu, Maui, or even the Big Island of Hawaii. That being said, it depends on what type of environment you’re looking for too. If you’re looking to do other stuff besides the outdoor stuff you’ve already said you’re looking for, I would suggest Oahu but if you’re looking only for getting out in the outdoors, I would suggest someplace like Maui. Since we are an island state, you’re going to be able to find biking, fishing, ocean activities and beaches just about anywhere you go…..

    Hope that helps you…..good luck and happy travels!

  2. lobalex Post author

    All the islands are great for sports. Hawaii island is the biggest and has all water sports, and all land sports. I would go to the big island.

  3. potatochip Post author

    I hear Maui is great for all that stuff even though I am sure all the islands offer that as well. But Maui is good for the adventurous type person.

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