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Which Hawaiian island is more suited for sports?

Im planning a graduation vacation for my friend, me, and our two dads. We really like sports such as mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and beaches that have big waves. Idealy we want to rent a beach house so choosing the right island would help alot.

I am interested in buying a kayak, but I am not sure what kind will be the best for me, got any ideas?

I live by the ocean and bays in New Jersey. I would like to fish off of the kayak, as well as ride waves if I want. I would also like to take a trip down the Delaware River and face the small whitewater. I am not sure what the best kayak would be seeing that I would like to do all these things. Any suggestions?

What is the best kayak for me?

What is the best kayak to get?
Ok I have kayaked before but basically you can call me a beginner. I am looking to use the kayak for multiple things, not just fishing or small paddles. I would use it for fishing, long trips, short trips but moslty in the bay/ocean because I dont have any rivers/lakes where I live. Now what I need in a kayak is storage space, great stability in waves, enough room to be comfortable for long voyages and faster if possible. What kayak based on my needs would be suitable for me. Also I want to keep the price lower than 1500. I know some of these things can caost around 5 grand. It can be made out of plastic, kevlar, wood but I dont and inflatable ones. Hope you can help. Thanks. Any further questions you have which will help you better answer this question ask them and I will just post the answer for you.