which kayak is better?

I am looking for a new kayak for fishing in fresh & salt water. I have it between 2 models; the Wilderness systems Tarpon 120 angler and the Ocean Prowler 13 angler. Any advice??? I can’t seem to make the decision. Really would like to hear what you don’t like about each of these as well as that may be the determining factor. I will be buying the new 2010 model either way..

If you think I should consider a different kayak brand I am open to suggestions but have looked at a lot of different ones before getting to these 2.

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  1. Fisher_King Post author

    If your gonna spend that kind of money on a fishing Yak, personally, I’d “splurge” and get the Hobie. They ARE more expensive but you get an innovative paddling system that will help you troll and move from spot to spot easier…….

    Go check them out here- http://www.hobiecat.com/fishing/models_proangler.html

    Otherwise, I’d get the Ocean 13.

    Hope this helps ya? Good luck in your decision..

  2. The Wormist Post author

    wilderness systems makes a FINE fishing ‘yak.
    as is probably the ocean prowler.
    l personally would pick the wider of the two for stability.
    or maybe the one that offers the most weight capacity. it may depend on how much additional weight you ultimately add with customized fishing accessories.
    wilderness systems has an accessory electric trolling motor l believe. perhaps it’s just the mount. having your hands free for fishing is a big plus.
    too bad you didn’t look at the cobra models. l have their “fish n dive” which l am very happy with. although my dealer left a bit to be desired.


  3. Outdoorplay Post author

    Both of the kayaks you mentioned are great boats, but I would suggest the 2010 Tarpon 120 Angler kayak because of the new SlideTrax System. With the SlideTrax rails on the kayak you can really custom outfit your kayak to suit your fishing style and preferences. Wilderness Systems has created a ton of fishing accessories that just “slide” into place on the SlideTrax rails creating the perfect fishing kayak. We’ve got the Tarpon 120 Anglers in stock and right now we’re offering Free Shipping on new boats to anywhere in the US. In addition, you’ll receive a 15% discount on any accessories purchased with the boat, and the added savings of No Sales Tax. Give us a call at 1.800.994.4327 and we can get you outfitted to land the Big One in no time!


    Outdoorplay Team

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