Can someone give me advise on purchasing a Kayak?

New to kayaking. Im looking for a tandem kayak that is affordable, I will be using it for mostly fishing. I am just having trouble finding a used and/or affordable one. I cant see myself spending over $700 on basically a hull… I have looked at the pelican elite but i havent seen any reviews on the elite series and its not really made for fishing. I also am not that worried about tracking I paddled 7 miles on a $100 inflatable and Im sure anything is better than an inflatable,not to mention hook resistant. And what is better sit on top or sit in? Thanks…..

4 thoughts on “Can someone give me advise on purchasing a Kayak?

  1. thc451 Post author

    The ocean going models are quite expensive. I would suggest Old town makes several very nice models that are very light and strong for around that price.I’ve had my single seater for 10 years and am very happy with it.

  2. trapical Post author

    For beginners there is little you need to pay extra for. People pay thousands just to get the drag down a little, little big.

    What you need to know:
    – Wider is more stable. Important for fishing.
    – Shorter turns better (nice for creeks/rivers)
    – Longer goes faster, goes strait better.

    See if you can find one with a hold in the back. I have one that has a 3 cubic feet or so watertight hold behind the seat. I think it’s meant for keeping food/clothes dry in case you flip while camping… but I just use it as a livewell 🙂

  3. txwavesport Post author

    do you have a gander mountain store near you or a academy store they sell nice kayaks for about 300.00 buck and alot of them are set up for fishing check them out have fun good luck on your purchase

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