Does anyone know how to kayak fish?

I am a beginner at fishing and enjoy it very much. I mean I’ve only been fishing (and knowing what I’m doing) for about 4 years now. It is so addicting. I don’t go a day without thinking about fishing. My parents recently purchased two average kayaks (adjustable foot rests, crossed bungee in the front, and small bungee compartment in the rear, sit-in kayak). I have really wanted to fish off of my kayak ever since I laid eyes on it. As always, before I go out and do something I over research to know exactly what I’m getting into. I would like to know what should be taken on a kayak fishing trip, what to do if I hook a fish, weather an anchor is necessary, and all other useful information needed to fish off the side of a kayak. Thank you so much for your time. Ryan!
I know how to use a kayak like a piece of work… I just need to know the “need to knows” and other tips. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Does anyone know how to kayak fish?

  1. Frank Post author

    I have never been kayak fishing, but I have researched it. Start out kayaking without fishing gear in calm water, like a bay or a saltwater creek. Then, learn to kayak into the waves. Once you master kayaking, bring out a rod and a small tackle box. Try to fish for an hour or so at a time. Once you learn to do that, bring out all your fishing gear.

  2. BGanz the fishing wrestler Post author

    Just practice. Work on gaining speed, slowing down turnign and going into waves. Then once you feel comfortable bring out 1-2 rods and soem tackel and slowly increases the tackle until you are very comfortable with it. A small 2-4lb anchor can be used of thiere is wind or a current and just set the hook normally the jayaj should be stable enough to hold you.

  3. fisherman Post author

    well a kayak is chalenging because of the limited movement yo have a conoe is eazyer cuz u can turn around ur not enclosed but if so u shuld try fishing small game like crapie and sunys first to get the hang of it plus for wat to carry is chalenging just be sure u can acess ur lures and tools easily…

  4. dumdum Post author

    I am not a great fan of fishing out of kayaks. unless you are anchored, it is almost impossible to get a good hook set. If you are not anchored and set the hook, the kayak moves forward to such an extent the fish is not hooked solidly. While fun to fish out of, I never could overcome the non-hook setting part.

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