Fishing kayak or canoe?

In a kinda big cove with amazing fishing spot. Rocks, docks, falling trees but taking a pontoon boat down there just doesn’t work.

Kayak requirements: good quality up to 600
Nice seat
Rod holder
live well maybe but i only need a small one for bait fish

Canoe requirement: good quality up to 800
seats 4
good stability
rod holders
live well maybe

7 thoughts on “Fishing kayak or canoe?

  1. winkydink Post author


    What are you asking? the numbers, are they prices? weight capacities combined IQ of the population of florida?

  2. Matayeos Post author

    get a kayak you need as much stability as you can get when your fishing from a conoe any wake at all will cause you to fall over and reeling in a fish will cause that

  3. AdamS Post author

    for a kayak the only one that meets the requirements would be the malibu stealth 12 or 14.
    it has a livewell which doubles as a standing casting platform
    33″ beam
    the max load is only 550lbs and it weighs only 64lbs

    for a canoe i would get a old town predator ss150
    max weight is 1,650
    has good seating
    does not have a livewell but you could install one

  4. buckfever Post author

    I spent many summers fishing happily from my 15 ft canoe. This year my husband and I got our first fishing kayaks and we can’t be happier. Everything that we loved about the canoe- the peace, the ability to glide in quietly and not disturb the area- all of it was surpassed by the kayaks. You get in that little baby and you are so quiet, so close to the water and so close to the wildlife, we just love it.

    We got a RamTuff fishing kayak, was a steal from Dick’s Sporting Goods, way cheaper than most outfitted kayaks and super stable. It has a di-hedral hull, so it doesn’t shift or tip, even when you are getting in from the shore. It has two rod holders and two compartments, one for gear and one that is deeper and could act as a live well. 40 some pounds, my husband is even going to try and hunt from it this fall. We are really pleased; hope this helps and you find what you’re looking for.

  5. helper725 Post author

    Fishing on a canoe is very possible. I have done without any problems.

    Kayaks…that is another story.

  6. The Wormist Post author

    a standard sit on top fishing kayak does not make a safe stand up fishing platform. l have a cobra fish n dive that is 12′ 6″ long by 36″ wide. it weighs 60lb and has a capacity of 600lb.
    for sitting on and fishing from, they are tops. but even with a 36″ width, a kayak is still too unstable to plan to use one for fishing while standing. mine has a spot that will hold a 5 gal. bucket for live bait if you wish. any of them can be custom modified with custom hatches to install.
    and four people fishing from a canoe?? must be a helluva big one. why not look into a johnboat and a small kicker outboard if you want to fish with a group? probably run about the same price and be more stable than either of the others. you can row, paddle or pole it if a motor is a problem.

  7. Bret C Post author

    If you do most of your fishing alone, get a kayak. There are a ton of different rod holders and other attachments. Maneuverability and ease of paddling make it a great tool to a solo fisherman. They truly are the stealthiest way to fish.

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