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What is a good fishing kayak for someone that is 6’5? Also are there any tandem fishing kayaks?

The places I would like to try and do some ocean fishing in the Volusia county, Florida area where the waves aren’t really that bad from what i hear. Also, something that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle if I would go by myself as well. I am new to the whole thing and any incite would be greatly appreciated. I plan on catch and release if that matters at all. The more basic the model ( i.e. cheaper) would be nice. Maybe something I can upgrade down the road as well if I get into it more.
I dont plan on going far out into ocean just to clarify most likely in the delta. Also I am set on kayak not canoe just for the fact easier to transport on top of my car, as well as easier for me to do solo.

Fishing kayak or canoe?

In a kinda big cove with amazing fishing spot. Rocks, docks, falling trees but taking a pontoon boat down there just doesn’t work.

Kayak requirements: good quality up to 600
Nice seat
Rod holder
live well maybe but i only need a small one for bait fish

Canoe requirement: good quality up to 800
seats 4
good stability
rod holders
live well maybe

Inflatable raft/kayak/canoe for fishing. What is the best choice?

I am looking for an inflatable kayak/canoe/raft to use for fishing local rivers and lakes. I don’t have enough space for a hardshell, so I’ve been looking for inflatable dinghy type boats, but one that is elongated so I can paddle alone or with someone. Also, I want hard seats to sit on. I found a Saturn prototype on ebay, but have been unable to find a similar model. Price limit = $350. Help.