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How to Make a PVC Fishing Rod Holder For Kayak

If you”e fishing on your kayak here’s a simple way to save a few bucks on equipment. Also this fishing rod holder is easy to make. The custom design gives you features you probably can’t find in an off the shelf  rod holder.

Here is a cheap, most functional, and very easy to make rod holder for Kayaks.
If you have a Scotty Rod Holder already, You can use the existing Scotty Base and Neck. If you don’t have Scotty rod holder on your kayak, you can by the Scotty base and neck separately. I prefer the Scotty Height Extender #259. The orginal neck (stock part on Scotty Rod Holder) may not give enough height for some kayaks.
If you have a standard kayak without a rear hatch it will be hard to install rod holder behind the seat. If you have center hatch or bow hatch, You may be install this home made rod holder – which comes with two vertical rod holders and two side-pointing rod holders. This may be enough if you had no rod holder or had only one rod holder.
If you have a raised center on your kayak, this will be a good rod holder to install.

looking for a fishing kayak?

I live in Maryland and iam looking for a good fishing kayak I would like to find a two seater but would be happy with a one seater I won’t have to worry about catching a humongous fish I will stay in the Chesapeake and its rivers I want one that could hold a tackle box and bait and it would be nice for rod holders in it but not super importantand I would also one that moves pretty well through the water I don’t have to worry about any big waves either. The cheaper the better I won’t pay over 700 uless its really worth it and preferibly one from bass pro. Please list its name and price. Thanks

Fishing kayak or canoe?

In a kinda big cove with amazing fishing spot. Rocks, docks, falling trees but taking a pontoon boat down there just doesn’t work.

Kayak requirements: good quality up to 600
Nice seat
Rod holder
live well maybe but i only need a small one for bait fish

Canoe requirement: good quality up to 800
seats 4
good stability
rod holders
live well maybe