Good fishing kayak suggestions?

I live in southern Ontario and would like to know where to go to buy a fishing kayak and some suggestions. I’ll be fishing freshwater lakes and rivers only. I usually target bass, walleye or pike. Price range is about $500-$700.
Thanks Ole Fisherman, looks like a great boat. What are the fins underneath? Is it motorized and would i have to register it or something? I’m only 16

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  1. Ole Fisherman Post author

    In my opinion, you can usually find fantastic deals on used Kayaks & Canoes on Craigslist.

    With your budget, you should look for a Hobie, Angler like this-

    The Hobie, Angler is the best fishing ‘Yak you can purchase, (in my opinion). They are VERY expensive new………but they pop up on Craigslist used periodically. Personally, I’d rather have a used top-of-the-line model (with a propulsion system) than your basic sit-on-top……

    You should target the US during your Craigslist search. It would be worth the ride to get a Hobie.

    If that doesn’t appeal to you, then go to Gander Mountain or Cabelas. They have a variety of new ‘Yaks within your price range. (Heck, Walmart can order you a cheap ‘Yak!)

    Hope this helps?

    UPDATE: It’s a pedal system with a rudder. You can easily go 15MPH without having to use your paddle; allowing your hands be free to fish. The Hobie is the premiere angler ‘Yak. People even use them for Offshore Ocean fishing catching Mahi, Sailfish, and other large fish species!

    Investigate it further- it’s worth the research.

  2. Jerry Post author

    In all honesty a canoe is a MUCH better choice for a thousand reasons, get a used one cheap and be happier and safer and carry much more than a kayak oh and you will be dry as well, no less than 15 ft long it tracks better and the lighter the better, rounded hull with some tumblehome is perfect, trust me on this I have many years (decades) experience.

  3. Redfishman99 Post author

    You might try this outfit. I’ve heard good reports about their products and how they hold up in both freshwater and saltwater conditions.

    Their prices seem reasonable compared to some of the products I’ve seen in Central Florida.

    Here is their link.

    Hope it helps you out.

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